Welcome To Centico Meditech

Centico is a renowned Indian company engaged in the manufacturing and exports of medical equipments.

We have been in the buisness for almost two decades now and have been developing and marketing Orthopedic Implants, Spinal Implants, Surgical Instrument & Equipements and Hospital Furniture.

Our main product range includes trauma products like Bone Plates, Bone Screws , Interlocking Nails etc.

Quality Assurance

In its constant endeavor to raise manufacturing and administrative standards the company also obtained ISO and CE certification so that all the international norms and guidelines are strictly followed.

RAW material and Product standards

Implants are especially subject to strict quality control measures. It is because of this control and various tests carried out at several stages during manufacturing that the company has been able to retain the consistency in the quality of its products that it is known for. The raw material used for implants meet all the requirements of international standards. For steel implants raw material is used as per ISO 9001:2008 and for unalloyed and alloyed titanium ISO 9001:2008 standards are followed respectively.

Orthopedic implants manufactured by us are assured for quality as they have to pass all the strict quality control tests laid down in the international standards like ISO. For example all implant manufactured are of SS grade 316L. Implants are tested for its material grade in authorised test laboratory.